Craziest Pissing Vids in the Pee Femdom Category

There’s nobody that’s going to argue with the fact that pee femdom is among the hottest pornographic genres out there. Seriously, there’s just no way you wouldn’t enjoy watching women piss all over their slaves because it’s visceral and deeply humiliating. Come to think of it, there’s nothing as demeaning as being turned into someone’s personal toilet, right?

There are many exciting subgenres and offshoots to be found within this collection of twisted femdom pornography, believe it or not. There are many, MANY different ways to go about humiliating someone by pissing in their mouth. For some reason, mature pissing femdom is one of the most popular niches that you can find here. Guess there’s something VERY arousing about seeing older women pee all over their slave’s disgusting bodies. Teen piss domination is not as popular, but it’s pretty common nevertheless. According to our data, some of the highest-rated XXX clips from this particular category focus on POV pissing. That stuff is as immersive as it gets, no doubt about it!

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