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No matter what they say, smell femdom is one of the kinkiest and most underrated femdom porn genres in the world. Can you think of something quite as degrading as smelling your mistress’ dirty panties or stinky feet or unwashed ass or sweaty armpits? That’s what these videos are all about! The pornographic genre right here is extremely popular with TRUE female domination connoisseurs because it provides you with an immersive experience. You can kind of imagine the odor!

As mentioned before, there are many different variations when it comes to this collection of twisted femdom pornography. Ass smelling, armpit sniffing, you just name it. There are many different situations showcased here and there are many different women featured in these clips. Some XXX movies star legit adult movie actresses, some feature total amateurs, and some revolve around indie fetish models and their stinky body parts. To each their own, as they say. We are just letting you pick and choose among the hottest femdom videos imaginable, that’s what this is ALL about.

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Get ready to see amateur mistresses and dominant pornstars indulge in all kinds of freaky sniffing action. There are videos focusing on stinky pits and the wimpy slaves that are addicted to them, there are videos with smelly asses and facesitting, there are foot worship videos, you just name it. The kinky dommes featured in our videos are open to some of the nastiest action you can possibly imagine and there are MANY different types of women showcased here. We have dark-skinned teens, British hypno dommes, lanky European blondes, Asian beauties, big butt Latinas, and everyone else in between. Do NOT forget that this here is the perfect place for people that actually appreciate femdom pornography since the variety of our selection is truly mind-blowing.

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